Node.ninjas Presentation - LevelDB and Node Sitting in a Tree

I'm giving a presentation at Node.ninjas tonight in Sydney. I've put together a talk about LevelDB and Node that covers:

  1. What LevelDB is and the basics of how it works
  2. A quick introduction to the core LevelDB libraries in Node: LevelUP and LevelDOWN
  3. Some preaching about the awesomeness of modularity around a small, extensible core; including a whirlwind tour of the current, flourishing, LevelDB+Node ecosystem

It's this last point that excites me the most. There's some very smart people building some very clever pieces to the Node Database puzzle. What's more, people are actually building functional databases in Node now, I've just collected a list from npm of what looks like functional databases that use LevelDB:

  • Rumours
  • LevelGraph
  • PushDB
  • NeutrinoDB
  • PlumbDB
  • Syncstore

And a few more that look like a work in progress. Plus, I'm sure there's more people out there we've never even heard of who are cooking up some amazing things using the LevelDB+Node combination!

The slides to my talk are here.